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Puppy Training


Our "Families Welcome" Puppy Course runs for 6 consecutive weeks. Lessons last for one hour which we find is just about the maximum concentration time for a young puppy. Owners may struggle!! 

Each puppy class covers builds on the essential skills needed for a happy life together. You and your pup will also get to know other puppies during socialization sessions (play). We will cover everthing needed for puppy obedience which includes:

Class times are from 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Puppies are eligible for this course from one week after their second vaccination up to 10 months old. The younger the better as you will be starting the way you wish to carry on!

Please bring some delicious SOFT treats, nothing crunchy, as rewards for getting it right. I find chicken, cheese or sausage cut into half centimetre pieces is ideal. 

There are paper/email handouts that cover everything taught during the lesson.

We limit numbers on each course to ensure you get plenty of individual attention. To make certain you get a place please ring Rebecca on 07841 158924. 

The family can come to all or any of the puppy training sessions. This also means that everyone involved in pup's early weeks and months will know what to do and say. Puppies need consisteny; if they are to learn quickly and remember what they have been taught. Having all the family "singing from the same hymn sheet" is a tremendous help as your puppy only has to learn one way rather than several different methods. If you can't manage this the handouts are a good aide memoire.

Please ring me on 07841 158924 to find out when the next course starts