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The Pack

Come and enjoy an hour with your older dog where we can revise basic skills and have a bit of fun. These classes are also ideal for the owner who has just adopted a rescue or re-home dog. The sessions last one hour and will give you all you need to have a happy, relaxed and obedient companion.

As a qualified dog behaviourist specialising in dog obedience Rebecca is ideally suited to help you if you have an aggressive dog.

Adult dog training class times are 8.15pm to 9.15pm on Wednesdays at Poolbrook Village Hall, Malvern. WR14 3JW 

If you have an adult dog that you feel would not be comfortable in a class situation then please ring Rebecca to discuss one to one training

Please bring some delicious SOFT treats as rewards for getting it right. I find chicken, cheese or sausage cut into half centimetre pieces is ideal.

Please ring me on 07841 158924 to let me know you wish to come to the class