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About Rebecca

I have now had 19 dogs in my 40+ years of dog ownership, not to mention the German Shepherd and the Cocker Spaniel that I grew up with. I currently have 7 living with me and Mimi is the latest. I train for and regularly compete in Championship Level Obedience Competitions with two of my Working Sheepdogs and with my Golden Retriever I do Gundog work.

Gus working
Gus working ..or not

tuppyMy interest in the training of obedience started back in 1981 when I watched a lady and her dog doing heelwork in our local field. Little did I realise that 27 years later it would have become a huge part of my life leading me to compete at the highest level including winning my class at Crufts in 2006 .

In 1999 I became an assistant instructor with Cheltenham and District Dog Training Club. I found I very much enjoyed working with people and their dogs and got almost as much pleasure from it as working with my own pack. As an instructor I started taking classes of puppies and progressed to adult starters and "problem dogs" taking them up to pre-competition and competition classes. I really love the challenge of "problem dogs" and even took on my own Staffordshire bull terrier rescue which had quite a few problems. 

I felt that the practical experience I had acquired needed some theory behind it so I attended formal education in the following areas:

I had long wanted to put all of this experience into a package that will enable me to do what I love the most, spending time with dogs, talking with and helping like minded people to achieve the bond with our dogs that is possible and so rewarding. 

To that end I started RB Dog Training in January 2009 in Cheltenham which became well established club. We moved to West Wales in 2014 returning 2 years later to Malvern .

In November 2013 Cotswold Life published a Pets Edition which included article on  RB Dog Training. The article is reproduced here by kind permission of the Editor.